American River Healthcare is the parent company to a range of businesses, each designed to address specific medical, healthcare, and home care needs. Through these individual organizations, American River Healthcare has been able to change the way the Sacramento region addresses their health related needs, and we continue to expand our services to meet an ever growing list of patients.

Each company offers different services, and can work in partnership with each other to make sure that the needs of you or your loved one is met. We encourage you to go through each individual website to find out more about the different services available. Below, we’ll describe each business, but their websites and respective pages will have more details about what they offer.

  • American River Home Care – American River Home Care provides comprehensive in-home healthcare services throughout the Greater Sacramento region. The organization offers a diverse range of medical services, including skilled nursing visits, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work support, and respiratory therapy, among others. With a dedicated team of registered nurses, therapists, home health aides, and medical social workers, American River Home Care aims to deliver high-quality, personalized care to homebound patients, thereby enhancing their overall health and well-being.
  • American River Infusion Services – American River Infusion Services provides infusions and specialty pharmacy support both in person in their infusion suites, or at your home when mobility is an issue. We have our own in-house pharmacy able to create and provide most IV medications and can work with most insurance agencies and doctors for a higher quality level of care.
  • American River Hospice Service – American River Hospice Services offers in-home hospice care to those looking to pass with dignity and as little pain as possible. We send specialists to your loved one’s property to care for them at their place of residence. We also have members of different religious denominations and medical specialists available for those needing extra support.
  • American River Visiting Providers – American River Visiting Providers is bringing back the idea of “house calls” to the Greater Sacramento region. Known as “concierge care” or “concierge medicine,” our services are accepted by many forms of insurance and provide both primary and urgent care in a place that is more private and more comfortable.
  • American River Companion Care – American River Companion Care provides just that – a companion. We send individuals that are there to help your loved ones when they need someone that can support them with household tasks, medication management, or simply spending a bit of time in their presence. These services are a great choice for seniors that need extra household support.

All of our companies offer a wide range of services for most members of your family. We also care deeply about continuity of care, and can work with a current physician or medical office when needed.

For more information, or to obtain services for yourself, please fill out our online form or give us a call today.

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