Private Infusion Suites

There are many situations in which a patient needs to receive ongoing medical care, often through the use of IV infusions. In the past, these infusions have often taken place in more public settings, like hospitals or outpatient medical clinics. But many patients prefer to receive these infusions in a place that feels more comfortable – a place that is safer, more private, and allows them as much time as they need.

Based in the Sacramento area, American River provides comfortable, relaxing, and private infusion suites for patients that require one time or ongoing infusions. We want you to feel like you’re our only patient, and make it possible for you to receive your pharmaceutical infusions in a place you feel safe and relaxed. Learn more or get started today by calling (888) 608-5757. Our infusion suites are located at 3855 North Freeway Blvd Ste. 110, Sacramento, CA 95834.

Why Consider Our Private Infusion Suites?

American River Infusion Services, part of the American River Healthcare family of businesses, provides private, clean, carefully designed infusion suites to support our infusion patients. Our patients that come in for infusion services are taken to their own personal room, where they are provided with a comfortable recliner, a flat screen TV with plenty of streaming options, refreshments, snacks, and more.

Every patient’s infusion needs are different. We have an in-house pharmacy that creates the medications that the patient needs on-site. We also allow you as much time as you need. Because these are your private suites, you can receive your infusions slowly, and give yourself time to feel your best before heading home.

There is also a seating area for a loved one if you’d like company, and convenient scheduling options (including the ability to schedule care 24 hours a day if needed) to better serve your medical needs.

Schedule a Visit

American River Infusion Services is always happy to show potential new patients around, and provide more details about our services and support. We accept most forms of insurance as well. If you’d like to learn more about our infusion suites, please contact us today or stop by during our normal business hours.

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