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American River Home Care Provides Medical Support at Home in Sacramento and Beyond

There are many situations in which a person needs additional medical, health, or lifestyle support beyond what is easily available. American River Home Care provides in home care services in Sacramento and the surrounding region to seniors and those of limited mobility, helping make sure that everyone, no matter who they are, is able to receive the ongoing support they need.

Our approach to at home medical care involves providing our patients with the specific specialists that are ready to support their needs – both their health needs and their emotional and psychological needs. Our work with homebound patients ensures that you are always given personalized support designed to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. Get started today by calling (916) 209-4400, or reaching out to us via our online form.

Who We Are – American River Home Care

American River Healthcare started American River Home Care specifically to provide in home care services to anyone that was in need of ongoing, at-home support in Sacramento and the surrounding community. Our work with patients is focused on a mission of providing compassionate and personalized care for each and every person we work with.

Everything we do – from the team we’ve created to the way we structure our services – sets a foundation for providing exceptional quality care. We work hard to make sure our patients feel truly and genuinely supported through this difficult time.

What is In Home Care?

At different states of a person’s life, they may find themselves home bound – either because they’re recovering from illness or injury, or they are currently unable to care for themselves outside of the home. It is at these times when these individuals need someone that can help them with their recovery, providing the healthcare that will help prevent future hospitalizations.

Our in home care service uses registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and specialists to make sure that you have *everything* that you need to continue on the road to recovery and wellness.

What at Home Care Services Are Available?

Homebound patients are all going to have different needs depending on what they are struggling with. Our team is able to offer services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Nurse Visits – With a team of registered nurses, we are able to offer kind, compassionate, and caring services that include observations, disease management, pain management, medication management, would care, catheter and feeding tube care, and many other services to make day to day life helpful to your long term wellness.
  • Infusion Services – We are one of the only Sacramento based in home care services that are able to offer IV infusion therapy, including inotropic infusions, along with taking labs both at home and in person at our infusion suites.
  • Physical Therapy – Recovery takes time. We have in home physical therapists to help you work through your injury and learn or re-learn how to better care for your body and strengthen or repair any part that needs help.
  • Occupational Therapy – Our licensed occupational therapists help you re-learn how to perform activities to help you care for yourself, and can help you do them so that you are able to move back towards independence.
  • Speech Therapy – Our specialists can help you with chewing, swallowing, speech, and more. We have very kind and supportive speech therapists with extensive backgrounds in supporting homebound patients regaining more movement and capabilities.

In addition, our at home medical support services include social workers, home health aides, registered dieticians, and respiratory therapists. If you have other needs not covered by these at home health services, contact American River Healthcare, as we have several other organizations that offer services like hospice, concierge medicine (house calls), and companion care. We have medical services at home that meet all your needs.

Start Today – Contact American River

American River Home Care, part of the American River Healthcare family, is able to deliver in home care services in Sacramento that exceed expectations and help our patients achieve their medical needs. For more information about any of our services, or to get started, please reach out to American River Home Care, today.

Benefits of an In Home Care Service

Being homebound, either due to mobility issues or for medical recovery, should not prevent you from receiving the support you need. Those that choose our at home healthcare typically receive benefits that include:

  • Improved Quality of Life – One of the most significant advantages of in-home care is the enhancement of the patient’s quality of life. Receiving care in the familiar surroundings of one’s home offers comfort and security, which is particularly beneficial for the elderly or those with chronic conditions. This environment allows patients to maintain a sense of normalcy and autonomy, contributing positively to their mental and emotional well-being.
  • Enhanced Medical Outcomes – In-home care has been shown to improve medical outcomes for patients. It is especially effective in managing chronic conditions and reducing the likelihood of complications. One of the key aspects underlined in studies is the reduction in hospital readmissions, a common concern for patients with ongoing health issues. The continuous monitoring and customized care provided at home play a crucial role in achieving this outcome.
  • Mental and Emotional Health Benefits – The mental and emotional health benefits of in-home care are substantial. Patients receiving care at home often experience reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness, thanks to the companionship offered by caregivers. This aspect is crucial for improving the overall mental health of patients, especially those who live alone. Additionally, being in a comfortable and familiar environment can significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – From an economic perspective, in-home care can be more cost-effective compared to long-term stays in hospitals or nursing homes. It offers a practical solution for managing healthcare expenses, particularly for long-term care.
  • Prevention of Infections – For homebound patients, particularly those with compromised immune systems, in-home care reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections. This benefit is critical, given the heightened vulnerability of these patients to external pathogens.
  • Customizable and Scalable Care – The flexibility of in-home care services is a notable advantage. Care plans can be easily adjusted to cater to the changing needs of the patient, ensuring that they receive the most appropriate and effective care at all times.
  • Access to Multidisciplinary Resources – In-home care typically involves a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including nurses, therapists, and social workers. This holistic approach ensures comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of the patient’s health.

In-home care services offer a comprehensive, patient-centered approach that significantly benefits homebound patients’ physical, mental, and emotional health. The combination of personalized care, comfort of the home environment, and professional medical attention contributes to an overall improvement in the quality of life and health outcomes of these patients.

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