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End of Life Care in Roseville, CA in the Comfort of Your Own Home at American River Hospice Services

American River Hospice Services is an at-home hospice organization, with a full service suite of care for patients that are in need of support. Our team offers compassionate hospice care in Roseville for those facing terminal illness and choosing to spend their final days at home. Our focus is on delivering individualized care that eases pain, supports mental and spiritual well-being, and upholds dignity during this difficult period of life, with services available for both the patient themselves and their family.

Our team is here to travel to your property in Roseville and tailor our home hospice care to meet your unique needs. If you or a loved one is considering hospice care or has chosen hospice in Roseville, we invite you to reach out to us through our online form or by calling (916) 242-4600.

About Home Hospice Care – What it is, Why it’s Chosen

For those of us in the medical profession, our primary goal is recovery. But there are situations where recovery is not possible, or an aggressive treatment is not desired. In these difficult situations, a patient may choose instead to live out their time as comfortably as possible, choosing to move to hospice in Roseville. Hospice can take place at a facility designed specifically for hospice, but many patients find that they far prefer to receive this care (known as “end of life care”) in a place that means something to them.

Hospice care is centered on improving the quality of life when curative treatment is no longer an option or desired. The home, a place of comfort and cherished memories, is often the preferred setting for many patients to receive this care. It offers a secure, familiar environment that enhances the end-of-life experience and can help someone process and enjoy the time they have left.

Our home hospice services in Roseville provide the same comprehensive care found in inpatient settings, with the added benefit of being in a familiar and comforting environment. Our approach prioritizes enhancing life quality through personalized in-home hospice care.

Why Choose American River Hospice Services for Hospice in Roseville?

At American River Hospice Services, we boast a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced hospice care professionals. Our wide array of services ensures that every patient receives the care and support needed during this challenging time. We connect patients and families in Roseville with a variety of healthcare and wellness services, including:

  • Nurses
  • Speech Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Spiritual Counselors
  • Bereavement Services
  • Hospice Aide & Homemaker Services
  • Volunteer Services
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Medication Support
  • Medical Equipment

Our primary objective is to provide comfort and improve the quality of life for those in end of life care. We collaborate closely with families in Roseville to ensure that every patient’s needs are met with compassion, helping them maintain dignity and comfort throughout their journey.

If you are in Roseville and seeking more information or wish to become a patient with American River Hospice Services, please contact us today. We are here to support you with the highest level of care and compassion.

Hospice Care and Insurance in Roseville

In California, hospice care, including at-home services, is typically covered by various insurance plans such as Medicare, Medi-Cal, and most private insurance. We understand the importance of financial considerations in healthcare decisions and are prepared to review your insurance plan to confirm if it covers at-home hospice care. Often, at-home hospice is a more cost-effective option for insurance providers and is likely included in plans that cover hospice services.

Roseville Hospice Patient Eligibility

Hospice care is a compassionate option for those facing a life-limiting illness or condition, usually considered when curative treatments have been exhausted or are no longer preferred by the patient and their healthcare team.

To determine eligibility for hospice care in Roseville, we invite you to contact our office. While there are general criteria for hospice eligibility, each situation is unique, and a final determination can only be made through a direct consultation. The typical criteria for hospice care include:

  • Life Expectancy – Hospice care is generally appropriate for patients with a life expectancy of six months or less, as assessed by a physician, based on the natural progression of the illness. It’s important to note that some patients may receive hospice care for longer periods under certain circumstances.
  • Focus on Comfort Care – Eligibility hinges on the patient’s choice to transition from curative treatment to comfort care, emphasizing symptom management and quality of life enhancement rather than curing the illness.
  • Physician Referral – A referral from the patient’s primary care physician or a specialist is often necessary, grounded in a thorough medical evaluation and the physician’s judgment.
  • Individual Needs and Desires – Decisions about hospice care are deeply personal, reflecting each patient’s specific needs, preferences, and what matters most to them at this stage of life.

We highly encourage family involvement in this decision-making process. Our team in Roseville is dedicated to guiding, answering questions, and supporting both patients and their families through these significant discussions.

Benefits of Home Hospice Care in Roseville

Home hospice care in Roseville provides invaluable support and compassion to individuals with life-limiting illnesses. This care approach enhances life quality in a patient’s own home, surrounded by comfort and love. While inpatient hospice care is available in medical settings, at-home hospice care offers several key advantages:

  • Personalized and Compassionate Care – Tailored to each patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, home hospice care respects and addresses individual preferences and requirements.
  • Emotional and Psychological Benefits – The familiar environment of one’s home, with personal belongings and memories, significantly eases emotional and psychological distress during this challenging period.
  • Family Involvement – Home hospice fosters greater participation of family and friends in the patient’s care, creating a sense of closeness and shared support.
  • Reducing Hospitalizations and Medical Interventions – It often limits the need for frequent hospital visits, as effective medical care and symptom management are provided at home.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Home hospice care is usually more economical than hospital-based care. Covered by many insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid, it eases financial concerns for patients and families.

Opting for home hospice care in Roseville offers a peaceful, dignified, and loving environment for patients and families during one of life’s most challenging transitions, addressing not just physical but also emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs.

End of Life Option Act

The End of Life Option Act in California provides terminally ill adult patients, with a prognosis of six months or less, the option to request and use prescription medication for a peaceful end to life. This law mandates a formal process, including multiple requests for the medication, psychological evaluation, and confirmation of the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, and mental competence by two physicians.

This Act empowers individuals with greater control over their end-of-life care, focusing on autonomy, dignity, and alleviating suffering. At American River Hospice Services in Roseville, we respect and support this law, offering necessary services to those who choose to pursue this end-of-life option.

Common Questions About Home Hospice in Roseville

Q: Can Patients Change Their Mind and Try Curative Care?

A: Absolutely. Patients in Roseville can opt to return to curative care at any point. This decision is also unlikely to affect their future eligibility for hospice care, nor should it affect whether insurance will cover it (check insurance first)

Q: How Do We Decide When It’s the Right Time to Start At-Home Hospice Care?

A: Initiating at-home hospice care is often a decision made following discussions with the patient’s healthcare provider. It is generally considered when curative treatments are no longer effective or when their side effects become too burdensome. The right time is typically when the patient’s focus shifts to quality of life and comfort, particularly if their prognosis is six months or less.

Q: Will Hospice Care Take Over All Medical Treatments for My Loved One?

A: In Roseville’s at-home hospice care, the focus is on comfort and enhancing quality of life, rather than continuing curative treatments. This care includes comprehensive medical management for symptom control and comfort. If additional medical support is needed, it will be integrated into the care plan.

Q: Can We Call the Hospice Nurse at Any Time?

A: Yes, our at-home hospice care in Roseville offers 24/7 on-call support. This ensures that you have access to assistance and advice for managing pain or other sudden symptoms at any time.

Q: How Does At-Home Hospice Care Handle Severe Pain or Sudden Medical Crises?

A: Our Roseville hospice care teams are adept at managing severe pain and medical crises in the home. Necessary medications and interventions are provided for effective symptom management. In cases of extreme needs, short-term hospitalization might be arranged for stabilization.

Q: Will Hospice Help with The Emotional and Spiritual Needs of My Family?

A: Definitely. Our hospice care in Roseville encompasses emotional and spiritual support for both the patient and their family, including counseling, spiritual guidance, and assistance with end-of-life planning, tailored to the beliefs and preferences of the patient and family.

Q: How Does Hospice Assist With The Practical Aspects, Like Medical Equipment Or Medication Management?

A: Our hospice teams in Roseville handle all aspects of care coordination, from the delivery and setup of medical equipment to medication management, ensuring the patient’s care needs are fully met in their home.

Q: Is There Support From Hospice After My Loved One Passes Away?

A: Yes, our hospice care includes bereavement support for families after the passing of a loved one. This support includes counseling, support groups, and resources to aid families in coping with their grief and loss.

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